Muslims Terrorize Jewish Children on Temple Mount

Footage surfaces of Muslims accosting small children on the Mount.

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Thanks to Israel, Paper Will Soon be a Thing of the Past

Israeli inventors raised $300,00 in just one week with this incredible gadget - and it's not hard to see why...

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Terror Suspect Could be Driving Your Kids to School

It is amazing who they let drive school buses today..

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John Lennon Could Have Never Imagined This

The Israeli version of John Lennon's IMAGINE.

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Drop In On The Most Gorgeous Parts of Jerusalem

Exceptional drone footage of the greatest spots in Jerusalem

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camel nfl star

This NFL Star Knows How To Have A BLAST In Israel

Julian Edelman, a record setting punt returner in the NFL with Jewish roots, had the best time in Israel and recorded all of it.

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IDF Forces Discover Weapon Magazines Hidden in Teddy Bear‏

A hidden zipper in the back of the bear reveals several magazines.

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syria attack

Northern Israelis Shocked with Rocket Attack From Syria

Israel claims Iran is behind these rockets attacks.

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Ronald Reagan Knew What Had to be Done

In the choice between fighting evil and surrender, is there really a choice at all?

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