isis hostage

You Will Be Shocked By What This Child, Who Was Captured By ISIS, Is Saying!

When you hear what he has to say you will ask yourself, did I hear right?

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IDF uncovers another Hamas tunnel

Gazan tunnel networks includes showers and dining tables.

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kedoshim Temple

How is it Possible to be Holy? Kedoshim Torah Portion

"You shall be holy, for I, HaShem, your G-d, am holy." How is that possible? What is required?

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fbi florida terror

FBI Stops Islamic Terror Attack at South Florida Synagogue

Terror attack on Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center in Florida thwarted by FBI.

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Muslims All Over the World Want This Video Removed From The Internet

What Muslims don’t want you to know about the Temple Mount. The truth hurts.

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Bibi Netanyahu’s off-Script Remarks are Inspiring People Everywhere

Bibi's heartfelt speech that will make you love being Israeli (or wish you were).

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