rock throwing

Muslim Rock Terror Hits Car with Jewish Children

This is the reality that the media ignores. The persistent Muslim terror on the roads

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Tel Aviv terror attack caught on tape (Graphic)

18-year old Arab suspect arrested after stabbing 4.

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paris terror islam

The “Religion of Peace” Strikes Again in Paris!

Paris shooting: Two French policemen killed on Champs-Élysé​e​s

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When Oxford declared Islam a ‘religion of peace’, she knew just how to respond

Time to throw the PC talk in garbage and get straight to the facts. (Graphic Warning)

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Are you serious? CNN did WHAT to Israel??

If you don't call this a double standard, you're ignoring the truth.

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The Most Powerful Silence You Will Ever Feel

These words are strong, and you MUST hear them!

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The shocking effects Shariah Law has on a society

Before and after Sharia Law. A cautionary tale.

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