10 People and Products You Had no Idea Came From Israel!

From technology to entertainment, Israel has given some pretty cool things to the world.

1. SodaStream

SodaStream was invented in Israel! Saving the environment, one bottle at a time…

2. Waze

In 2013, Waze won the Best Overall Mobile App award at the Mobile World Congress and was purchased by Google for a cool $1.3 billion

3. Natalie Portman

Born Natalie Hershlag in Jerusalem

4. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

With locations in the USA, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and Israel

5. Viber

6. USB Flash Drive

Invented by the Israeli company M-Systems

7. Hillel Slovak

The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ original guitarist; born in Haifa, Israel

8. Microsoft Windows XP

Primarily developed in Israel; in 2008, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said: “If you do the math, Microsoft is almost as much an Israeli company as it is an American company.”

9. Homeland

Based on the Israeli series Hatufim (“Prisoners of War”)

10. Gene Simmons from Kiss

Born Haim Witz in Haifa, Israel

Published: April 18, 2014
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