10 Years of Hamas in Gaza – The results are shocking

Hamas made many promises after it violently took over the Gaza Strip. This all came after Israel unilaterally withdrew all of it’s soldiers out of the entire area. Israel hoped that somehow this would bring a calming effect to the area. The exact opposite has occurred.

Since then, Hamas has fired more than ten thousand rockets have been shot at Israeli communities.   Their clear intention is to kill Jewish civilians all around Israel. Additionally, they spent millions of dollars – paid for by the US taxpayers – to dig tunnels that would lead to terror attacks against Israel.

10 Years of Hell

In just 10 years, an ISIS dominated region has become hell on earth for all inside of it and within missile range of it. What methods will the Hamas think of now? The tunnel idea proved very effective. However, Israel is now inventing methods to discover and blow up tunnels in order to protect the border communities.

One thing is clear, the Hamas will continue to use all money they receive to create havoc with it’s border with Israel. These people are driven by hatred of Jews. They have one central goal. They want to destroy the State of Israel.

Lessons to Learn

Israel must learn the lessons of this historical mistake of giving away parts of the Land of Israel for the slight chance that it may improve things with the Arabs. The only thing that works in the Middle East is force – and military might. When Israel is strong and victorious, the Arab neighbors respect them and grovel for a cease-fire. When Israel is weak and scared in the face of terror, it just begs the more radical elements to step up their efforts and attack more.
Hamas never has been nor will ever be a partner for the State of Israel. Israel must retain and regain total security over every part of the Land of Israel west of the Jordan, or else, terror will continue from the Gaza Strip.

Published: June 28, 2017
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