Why a zionist fears the liberal left

“Look what Israel is doing,” says the UN. All the UN does is point to Israel and shout “occupation!” What about the rest of the Arab world? Not only do they not shout “human rights abusers,” but they remain silent. All you can hear is complete and utter silence. Aaron Balshan decided to explain to the liberal left why he fears them. He uses a poetic style to slam their ridiculous accusations against Israel.

Real Occupations

Balshan goes on to list REAL occupations that are destroying people. He names countries, gives numbers. But does the world notice? Do they care? He says, “Every UN resolution is talking about me. Arab leaders around the world scream that they want to kill me…Why is it just me that you see? Don’t you see Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan?…and these Muslims can’t vote in regular elections, they’re killed by the dozens during peaceful demonstrations.” Balshan then goes on to discuss India’s occupation as well as the fact that Azerbaijan is occupied. And what about China’s oppression of Tibet? No? The UN must have missed that. Or Russia’s occupation of Abkhazia? Turkeys genocide of Armenians? I guess the UN must have missed what’s going on in the rest of the world…

Arab World Calls for Genocide

And what about all the Arab leaders who practice apartheid while calling for Jewish genocide? The Arab world points their missiles at the tiny, Jewish country in attempt to destroy it. Did the UN miss their call for genocide as well? Hillel Neuer of the UN Watch addressed this issue at the UN in March 2017.

And then there’s Poland, who just 70 short years after 6,000,000 Jews were murdered, want to deny their part in the Holocaust? How ridiculous can the world be?

Wake up, World.

Balshan ends his poetic critique of the left by strongly saying, “…and our revenge has always been to survive and thrive, but inside of you we still see anti-Semitism alive. And until you can at least right this wrong, and until we feel like we belong, I’m sorry to tell you, peace is never gonna come along.”


Published: February 21, 2018
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