69 YEARS of Palestinian Lies In Two Minutes

The UN was knocked off their seats when they heard this!

When faced with the truth, what can they say? The Arabs led by Arafat and Abbas had many opportunities to reach an agreement with Israel, but they turned away from peace.

Many world leaders have tried to reach an agreement, but were not successful.

Why do the Arabs keep the conflict going endlessly?

Why don’t they actually make a real commitment to peace?

This question has eluded many. Hopefully, one day, they will turn away from violence and embrace a peaceful agreement.

Israel has tried so hard for peace, and reached peace agreements with Jordan and Egypt. When will other Arabs also seek peace and not war?

Israel has gone so far out of its comfort zone in order to bring Arab leadership to a negotiating table.

The PA has made it clear in so many different ways – they are simply not interested in any form of an agreement.

The Arabs want one thing – that is – the destruction of the Jewish State.

Will this ever change? Who knows – but not in this generation.

If one is raised in a culture filled with hate and resentment to all Jews in Israel, and with an attitude that all of the world’s ills go back to the formation of the Jewish State, it is no wonder that even getting to the point of sitting down together is an impossibility.

A seismic change will need to affect the Arab grass roots vis-a-vis Israel.

This young generation has already been educated on hatred. Things are only getting worse.

It would seem to me that the only chance for any major change will come from some kind of a social media revolution among the Arabs themselves.

Getting into the Arabic homes will not happen via TV, but it could happen via social media and the internet.

Published: October 2, 2017
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