A Few Points Your Friends Need To Get Through Their Heads

I must admit, Senator Cory Booker had me confused. It started to sound as if he was blaming Israel for the atrocities in Gaza.
But no. The senator of NJ and former mayor of Newark knows the difference between a government that takes care of its people, and a terrorist organization that will stop at nothing to achieve their “ends” of killing as many Israelis and Jews as possible.
“We can’t allow Hamas to go back to ‘tunneling’ and hiding missiles in schools and hospitals…”
Booker is truly updated. He continues to talk of a “true peace”. Can a true peace exist with the Palistinians when they can’t stand up to the radical terrorists that control them? Can Israel make peace with any Moslem entity when ultimately radical elements sieze control?

One thing is certain, Senator Booker understands the picture much better than some others, higher up in his government

Published: July 31, 2014
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