A Guest on the Kelly File Just Revealed What is Really Going on in Mosques Across America

Noone seems to believe that any religion could preach violence. Yet it seems to be clear from this interview that Islam preaches violence to its own and denies it to the world. Deception of non-Muslims is actually part of the Muslim religion.
It’s interesting that except for Fox News, most of the major media stations seemingly don’t make the connection between Muslim Nolin’s crime of beheading a former co-worker and the horrible beheadings being perpetrated by ISIS in Syria and Algeria. It’s almost as if everyone is playing a dangerous game of deception. This is something that needs to be said. Islam is dangerous. It promotes violence and should be viewed as a religion of terror. If they tell you otherwise, it may be because Islam also preaches deception.

Published: February 16, 2016
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