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A Life of Giving from a Lone Soldier in the Israeli Army

This is a story about a lone soldier finding his path and his way into Israeli society after leaving the army. When a lone solider finishes his service, he doesn’t have a home to return to. Until that point, the army is his family. The bond that’s formed over his time in the army is taken away and he is left with a painful emptiness. He begins to search for meaning and re-identify himself. This is a story of a lone soldier who did just that.

Just Another Guy

To be just another guy in the street is a completely different story than to be a soldier.  A soldier is a full-time sense of being.  It occupies one’s life 24/7.  Even when on a furlough from the Army, it is still the Army that defines the person.

But what happens at the end of the service?  How does a person who has given so much of his soul to the country in the Army find meaning when the Army is over?

The message of this video is extremely positive.

A Life of Giving

The essential aspect of spirituality is to be outwardly focused.  Unselfish.  Giving.

That is exactly what this young lone soldier discovered.  He would continue to devote his life in Israel to give more.  In the Army, this is taken for granted.  But outside of the Army, it is another story.

This is a truly inspiring video from a brave young man.


Published: August 6, 2018
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