A meeting at the ‘Palestinian office of employment’ takes an unexpected turn….

This insanity must stop. Israel needs a Taylor Force Act to withhold all monies that the Palestinian Authority uses to pay terrorists and their families!


The campaign is led by the Koby Mandell Foundation, the Forum of Bereaved Families, the Choosing Life Forum, the Forum of American Victims of Palestinian Terror, and individual terror victims and their families.

The bill enjoys the support of Members of Knesset (MKs) from nearly every party in the Knesset, from the Zionist Union to the Jewish Home party.

“It is unconscionable that Israel supports terror through the collection and transfer of more than
NIS 1 billion each year to the P.A. that is being used as a reward and incentive for the murder of
Israeli citizens,” said Shai Maimon, one of the initiators of the campaign. “The very weapon used
to murder my friend Malachi Rosenfeld, z”l, and to injure me, was paid for with P.A. money
given each month as a stipend to a terrorist that was released from prison – all under Israel’s

“Support for this critical bill crosses party and coalition lines, and for good reason – it is just,
necessary and well overdue,” said MK Elazar Stern of the Yesh Atid party, the initiator of the bill.
“The blood of the innocent cries out to us – we must change this disgraceful and dangerous
policy. Now is the time to end it and stop being suckers.”

“The moment a terrorist commits an act of terror and is arrested or killed, at the moment
exactly, he becomes a public servant of the Palestinian Authority and starts collecting a salary –
and that is what makes this whole story so absurd,” said MK Avi Dichter of Likud, who also is
sponsoring the bill. “7 percent of the money that we transfer to the PA goes to terrorists. We
cannot allow this.”

Monthly salary/pension paid to terrorists by the Palestinian Authority
Published: February 10, 2018
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