A personal message from the Israeli IDF Iron Dome Soldiers

Even though the best defense is a good offense, we in Israel are thankful for the powerful defense our country has developed with the iron dome system. Watch the video to listen to the soldiers who man the iron dome system. Again, even with this system, Israel has every right to use a forceful offense to get rid of the terrorists and their military capabilities!

Did you see this unbelievable video footage of the iron dome missile redirecting in mid-air to strike the grad rocket in the sky and remove the threat of the rocket killing Israelis? Just unbelievable.

The good news is that the iron dome system successfully shot down 90% of the grad missiles that it was shot at to intercept mid-air. Unfortunately, each iron dome missile costs around $1 million and Israel doesn’t have enough resources to shoot down every single grad missle fired from Gaza.

Published: March 13, 2012
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