A prayer for the state of Israel that will take your breath away

An impressive rendition of the traditional Prayer for the State of Israel by Israeli Cantor Netanel Hershtik, a talented cantor and vocalist. Netanel Hershtik has travelled around the world sharing his love of music and Judaism with many. He comes from a family that has cantors who have made it their mission to share the love of music and Judaism to touch the hearts of many. The prayer was originally composed in 1948 shortly after the founding of the State of Israel. It was assumed at the time that Nobel laureate Shay Agnon was the composer but it was later uncovered that he was only asked to help in its composition. The prayer was quickly made part of the Shabbat service in synagogue and it is still read today in many zionist synagogues throughout the world.

The combination of music and prayer in Judaism is something that goes back centuries, right to the times of the Bible. The famous story of the Jews coming out of Egypt after having been enslaved and miraculously crossing the Red Sea is celebrated through song, the song of Miriam (Exodus 15). This prayer of praise and thanks is now part of the daily prayers in orthodox Judaism. From here on the influence of music in prayer has been outstanding and something that truly opens the heart to be able to connect with the Divine.

The prayer is truly beautiful, yet the illustrations in the video are even more poignant. The holocaust survivor, who assembles a kite and gives it to a little Arab boy to fly. The Chassidic father, learning holy Jewish texts, who, at last, hugs his son, a soldier, defending the holy land. The Ethiopian boy singing, running together with the Ashkenazi girl and the Arab boy. These are pictures of peace and unity. The dream of the Jewish People throughout the ages.

Take a good look at the people, the dreams, and the prayers, of a nation who has returned home. There is nothing more beautiful, more passionate, and more deserved than that.

Published: September 25, 2017
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