A Rare Glimpse Inside The Holiest Place on Earth!

Watch how the Muslims tried to changed history by building this Mosque on the foundation of our very existence.

This rock plays a fundamental role in Judaism and appears in Jewish religious texts that date back thousands of years ago. It does not hold this level of importance for any other religion.

For some reason, the Muslim world has tried to claim the site as their holy site and deny any Jewish connection to it. They deny Jews the right to pray or worship on the mountain upon which the Foundation Stone stands. They have been digging out Jewish archaeological artifacts from the 1st and 2nd Temples and have thrown them indiscriminately into garbage dumps.

As usual, the Israeli government says nothing so as not to create “waves.” So Israel continues to silently stand by as the Muslim world willfully destroys all proof of the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and the Foundation Stone which was once the Jewish Temple’s Holy of Holies.
Someone needs to stop this disregard of Judaism and it’s beliefs and explain to the Muslim world what freedom of religion is all about.

Published: March 15, 2017
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