A short, inspiring Tu B’Shvat video!

Moe Mernick runs business development for Hometalk, where he spearheaded social partnerships that drives the tremendous traffic, topping a billion video views, to Hometalk videos. He previously worked as a Strategy Consultant for Deloitte and as the Regional Director for The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation. Moe holds an International MBA and Rabbinical Ordination. Moe is also the author of “The Gift of Stuttering”, which can be purchased on Amazon. Yes, the man in this video is a stutterer, and look what he is able to do!

As you can see, Moe is also a fabulous motivational speaker.

In this video Moe ties together a number of his passions all together, to excite all of us about the Jewish holiday of Tu B’shvat, the Jewish new year for trees! [Yes, Judaism has a new year for trees :)]

Moe is passionate about Jewish education, entrepreneurship and motivating others.

In this video Moe expands on the concept of a certain fruit called the ‘apple’, since fruit trees are synonymous with Tu B’Shvat. By juxtaposing the apples that we eat, with the major corporation named ‘Apple, Moe introduces us to many inspiring and motivating lessons that can help each and every one of us, both from the apple itself and from the technology/business world.

Did you know that apple trees can take five years to bear fruit, and that the trees can live more than a hundred years? Or that there are thousands of varieties of apples? Also, the expression “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” may have new support, as eating an apple a day helps the heart! Apples can also help ripen other fruits.

For more fascinating facts about apples, and the world of business and technology make sure to watch this video!

And don’t for get to purchase Moe’s book “The Gift of Stuttering” to be inspired of overcoming anything!

Published: January 31, 2018
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