A song written for the heart will go straight to your heart

Music has a way of going straight to the heart, and this talented couple, Yonina, does just that. Despite the song being in Hebrew, its soulful melody affects all.

This song ‘The Heart’ is an original song from Yonina’s new album. They are dedicating it to raise money for a new building in the Shneider Children’s Hospital in Petach Tikva.

The building is being built in memory of Lior Benjamin (Lev) Agami, of blessed memory. Lior was born on October 15, 2015. A sweet baby, full of smiles, happiness and joy. Shortly after he was born, when he was five months old, Lior took his parents on a journey that taught them the meaning of giving, courage, optimism, love, and the power of faith! Thanks to Lior, their faith deepened and we believe everything is for the best. It started as a small bump that they thought was a bite, but quickly turned out to be a tumor. A rare and persistent malignant tumor. Who would have thought they were to become members of the “cancer club”, and the “infant cancer club” at that?

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Schneider Childrens Hospital, Petach Tikva, Israel

Yonina, is a fairly new duo on the Israeli music scene, who came to fame thanks to their regular facebook videos of them singing beautiful duets in their living room. Thanks to the virality of their home videos on facebook, they became a sensation and today they go on tour with their music.

The name Yonina actually combines both of their names, Yoni and Nina Tokayer.

Image from Yonina Facebook page

They are a married couple with a little baby girl named Ashira Tzion who joined the ensemble a year and a half ago.

While they have proven to be very successful musicians, Yoni actually has a background in education and tour-guiding and Nina is a university student studying behavior sciences.

See what social media fame can do to talented people?

Check out their upcoming concerts:

In Israel
Feb. 2nd Petach Tikva Click here for tickets.
Feb 22nd פרדס חנה, מרכז לאומנויות הבמה Click here for tickets

Upcoming Concert in the USA
March 15-20- Florida Tour- Ticket sales opening soon!

Published: January 31, 2018
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