A tiny village in Northern Israel with an interesting quirk

Rotem is an amazing Israeli community located in the northern Jordan

valley. It was started by about 20 families. There central message is

harmony and ecological awareness. They are quite aware of the harm

that pollution is causing the world. So – get ready for it – they

built houses out of mud and recycled materials! It may be made out of

mud, but it looks quite cozy. They also are growing an organic olive grove

and local bakery. Imagine going to bed there, and eating breakfast made of

fresh bread and olives grown just a few feet away – what a wonderful

way to connect to the land of Israel and help save the environment.

The Future

They have big plans.  For example, they would like to build more environmentally friendly buildings, such as a

lecture hall. In addition, they hope to start an organic food restaurant. They hope to have room for workshops for

basket weaving, healthy cooking, tai chi, to name a few.

They also hope to build a music room and build a souvenir shop that sells locally made products – herbs,

cosmetics, olive oil, and works of art. Eventually, they would like to make a hydrotherapy pool and a visitor’s hut.

Towards their main building, the community of Rotem plans to  plant a vegetable garden and organic greenhouse.

Of course, their facilities will use solar energy, natural building, and recycled water. It is sure to help the

environment and be a place of relaxation. Perhaps society has gotten too accustomed to polluting the world.

Using something once and then tossing it is not an ideal.   Driving to the grocery story to buy tomatoes imported

from 500 miles away does not need to be the norm. Rotem has a different approach. They show us how to preserve

the environment, and reduce pollution.

We can work together in harmony – it is possible! Perhaps people have forgotten the joy of

eating locally grown produce, or using a renewable energy source.

Rotem has great ideas!

Published: February 13, 2018
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