A Video that Must be Seen by All

WARNING: This video contains graphic images

More than a million Jewish children were killed during the Holocaust by the Nazis. Pulled out of their mothers arms, shot on streets, taken to concentration camps and murdered, these innocent young Jewish souls were taken from the world far too soon. The question is why. Why were they murdered? What had these young innocent children done? The answer is nothing. They had done nothing. These children were murdered, along with the other victims of the holocaust, because they were not Aryan like Adolf Hitler wanted. These children were Jewish.

They will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten. The Nazis will never be forgiven for what they did.

Millions of Jewish people would be alive today had Hitler and the Nazis not committed the monstrous deeds as part of their devilish plan to take over and “clean up” the world. And yet, we look around the world today in the 21st century and we need to ask ourselves – have we learned from the lessons of the Holocaust?

The honest answer, in my opinion, is no. Not enough. Look around the world and see the hate that is still going strong. Extreme Islamists following their own agenda, ISIS murdering people daily. Genocide is still happening.

We are living in a time when the last survivors of Holocaust are slowly leaving us. The lessons they are teaching must not be forgotten. There are many types of people in the world, but I am going to categorize humanity just for a moment. You have haters, ignorant uneducated people, educated people who don’t apply the knowledge, and doers – people who learn and act on the knowledge. We need to make it our mission to not only educate about hate but to also make sure we are all doers. To stand up and do your bit in order to stop the spread of radical Islam throughout the world.

To the radical Islamists who would like us to forget about what occurred – we say no. Never Again. We will never forget, and we will never allow such atrocities to occur again.

Published: September 25, 2017
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