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A visit to paradise

Is Israel paradise on earth? These two young lovers visit the amazing country of Israel, and fall in love with its beauty!

How can one define the beauty of the State of Israel?  It is so hard to explain, but so clear to see when one visits. Physical beauty and spiritual beauty combine in the State of Israel in an uncanny fashion. But, how can one display it to others?

Well this young couple used a unique approach to get their message across. It is a very unique approach.

Take a drone, a young happy couple, some awesome music, and a talented videographer and you’ll see the State of Israel in a unique out-of-the-box fashion.

The Future of the Jewish People

The demographic realities in the State of Israel are unbelievable.   When people mention demography in Israel, they often refer to the number of Jews versus the number of Arabs in the country.  However, there is a more important demographic reality in the modern State.

The Jewish people in the State of Israel are in a state of massive growth.  In 1948, there were around 600,000 Jews in the State of Israel.  By 1967, there were around 2.5 million Jews in the State of Israel.  Today there are around 6.5 million Jews in the State of Israel.  This is all a result of a constant ingathering of the exiles that began more than 100 years ago.  At this point, nearly 50% of the Jewish people live in the State of Israel.

But most importantly, the Jewish population continues to grow rapidly.

The main causes of Jewish population growth are immigration, high birth rate and longevity.

All of these lead to one conclusion – the future of the Jewish people will clearly be centered in the State of Israel.


Published: August 6, 2018
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