After Watching This, You’ll Never Look At Home Depot The Same Again

Bernie Marcus, founder of the Home Depot store chain, uses the word “tzedaka” in describing the aid and relief extended to the residents of tornado victims in Moore Oklahoma by the local Home Depot. Tzedaka, charity, comes from the Hebrew root “tzedek” which means “what is right”. The Jewish People educate their children to do what is right and that is exactly what happened in May of 2013 in Moore Oklahoma. This is the Jewish Nation’s moral compass as handed down throughout the generations, and it goes far beyond writing out a check to a charity. The Jewish tradition teaches to do what is needed, when needed, in any circumstance.

Home Depot and Marcus prove that one can be the owner of a successful chain of stores and also be a truly good person, a real mentch.

Published: October 6, 2016
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