Alan Dershowitz went off on crazy anti-Israel student and it was EPIC

Allan Dershowitz is excellent when responding to a Palestinian woman who tries to explain how Israel has caused the horrible plight of the Palestinians. Yes the Palestinians can whine and complain and haven’t “gotten over it” for over 60 years, as their own people terrorize and enslave them. It is all true.

What’s notably ironic about this video, is that the lecture was given at a conference of the YIISA, the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism, which was closed down by Yale after some of the speakers at a conference on Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity spoke of instances of antisemitism in the Arab Muslim world. It seems that there were Muslims who were upset by their words and Yale closed the highly prestigious academic program.
Professor Walter Reich, a lecturer in psychiatry at Yale medical school, wrote then, in the Washington Post, about the university’s sudden decision, “For the past five years, [YIISA] has flourished in New Haven, Conn. On a small budget, it has sponsored research, visiting fellowships, papers and presentations on the most abiding and lethal hatred mankind has ever known — the one that brought us the Holocaust and that is once again racing around the world. A few institutes for the study of anti-Semitism have sprung up globally — a couple in Israel, and some in Europe and North America. Yale’s is the first in the States and the first to be closed down.”
Reich ends poignantly, referring to Yale’s many years of having a quota of Jewish students. “So: It’s okay for those who study racism, sexism, and genocide — or for other victims of oppression — to express advocacy, even activism, in conferences at Yale. But not Jews. Quota on that at Yale.”

Published: June 9, 2017
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