Allen West’s Message to all Those Still Willing to Stand up for Freedom

Former congressman, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, has an impressive background. He served in the US army for 22 years and has received many honors. He was an instructor in the army and then, later, taught in a local high school. He is the CEO of The National Center for Policy Analysis, and appears regularly on Fox News.
There is something very grounded in West when he discusses foreign policy in the Middle East. It may have to do with the fact that he spent a large portion of his military career in the Middle East during the Gulf War with Iran, and, later, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Having observed the Muslim countries of the Middle East at a close proximity, West is able to understand what the U.S.A. and other Western countries are facing. As he puts it, “Who the enemy is.”
We need more people like West who understand what the challenges facing Western civilization are, and what needs to be done to overcome threats to the well-being of the world. Let’s hope he makes it back into Congress so he can help America wake up and act.

Published: November 10, 2015
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