Amazing, Powerful Words From an Israeli-Arab Reporter (Every Person Must-See)

Will you make sure Lucy’s powerful words reach the most people? Please share this video and help fight the incitement that’s fueling so much terror.

You can’t help but admire Lucy Aharish, an Israeli Arab who grew up in the southern town of Dimona. A trail-blazer, Lucy was a victim of a terror attack along with her family on a shopping expedition in Gaza. She went on to study political science and theater at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and then spent a few years studying journalism. Since 2007 Lucy has served on several major Israeli television stations as a newscaster, West Bank reporter, entertainment correspondent, and editor of a children’s news bulletin.
Lucy developed a complex model of the Israeli Arab situation in the Jewish State. She believes that Arabs need to stop seeing themselves as victims and begin to function and move forward in Israeli society. Palestinian interviewees were treated with respect but Lucy presented them with some hard questions. On Israel’s independence day, Lucy was honored with lighting a torch at the national ceremony on Mount Herzl.
Lucy Aharish has a message to her Arab Israeli brethren. Violence and hatred is not the way to go. Let’s hope that they listen.

Published: February 3, 2016
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