An Israeli Journalist Traveled to the US and was Shocked by What he Found on Campus

It is sad – but true – that so many of Israel’s greatest enemies are – yes – Jews.
These people are intelligent people, but they are completely clueless of their nation’s history, of the history of the Arab people, and most of all, of the nature of mankind.

These people genuinely believe that Israel should die rather than live in a non-liberal fashion.

These people are filled with arrogance and completely anti-Jewish values.

Why do they focus so much energy on their anti-Israel sentiments. It is impossible to understand.

But, these people have unfortunately joined with the enemy and need to be treated like all of the other anti-Israel BDSers – a bunch of radical self-hating Jews who probably would have objected to Jews fighting back against Nazi Germany in World War II.

Published: December 17, 2016
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