An Israeli Startup Just Completely Changed The Way we See The World Around us

We should all start to SCIO. Yes, this is a very handy gadget that could display calory breakdowns or chemical content of food which could literally be lifesaving for people with food allergies. But I was thinking about SCIO as a metaphor for life.

A well known Jewish personality who lived almost a century ago, used the concept of long-distance telephone calls as a metaphor for prayer. He explained that long distance calls really actualizes the idea ofspeaking with G-d when He seems so incredibly distant. SCIO, to me, has important applications in real life, but even more important applications as a metaphor for life. SCIO, is basically teaching us to become aware of inner content. What I see outwardly has so much more to offer me beneath the surface. If we could only understand what was going on internally for our friends and family and especially our children. Profound thoughts and emotions and experiences that have molded our inner world. If only we were able to see that world, it would help us to appreciate and understand others on a completely different level. Wouldn’t it be mind-blowing if we could just “SCIO” them?

Published: January 21, 2014
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