Analysis of the Iranian Provocation and Israel’s Attack, Ignored by the Media – Israel News

By Boaz Haetzni

A summary of the Iranian provocation and Israel’s attack.

The Iranians sent a drone into Israel that is an imitation of a stealth US drone. It obviously did not work for them because the IDF saw it from the moment of take-off in Syria and chose to shoot it down when it flew into Israeli airspace. Stealth.

Not only did the infiltration fail, but an hour later Israel exploited the Iranian action as a reason to strike several important targets, including the UAV’s launch vehicle, some 300 kilometers from Israel. The Iranians lost the “stealth” drone, the control equipment and possibly the operating team as well.

The Israeli plane that was hit: Many journalists are complaining about the loss of the Israeli Air Force “air superiority”. First of all, those who remember the wars of the 60’s and 70’s understand how lucky we were to have the period between 1983 and today, with no fighter aircraft hit, no pilots killed in any crash, and not killed or captured by Arab villagers after jumping from destroyed planes.

Israel exploited the downing of the plane to exact a heavy price tag from the Iranians and the Syrians. The two most important Syrian airports, T4 and Al Maaza, were attacked in Damascus, not far from Assad’s palace, and according to pieces of information, half of Syria’s anti-aircraft system was destroyed, the main antiaircraft command and radar station, and other important Iranian targets. For all those crying about Israel’s “loss of air superiority,” this attack was carried out without casualties.

After the bombing of the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, there were complaints of disruptions in the reception of television in Syria, Lebanon and northern Israel. Again today, after the damage to the Syrian anti-aircraft system, there are reports of reception problems in Syria.

The success of Israel’s attack creates the impression of imaginary Israeli technological and intelligence capabilities, which creates real deterrence. The Arabs who distribute candies celebrating the downed Israeli plane deceive themselves with the joy of primitive poverty, but the Iranian professionals, Assad and the whole world understand very well the magnitude of the blow that Israel handed to Iran and Syria today.

Worst of all, as usual, is the whining of the Israeli reporters and commentators in the television studios, who conduct psychological warfare against Israel, hysterical reports, exaggeration of the enemy’s power, dramatic and apocalyptic significance of a plane crash, sowing despair and misunderstanding with a wrong analysis of the events. In the case of a real war, the media is a strategic shortcoming, a national disaster that has risen in blood.

Finally, a good word about Netanyahu. He built a fantastic network of contacts with all the global influencers in the region, warmed everyone against the Iranian danger, and manages the conflict on Israel’s northern border brilliantly, in contrast to the way he manages Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank). It is horrifying to think about the possibility that Yair Lapid (head of the Yesh Atid party) or Avi Gabai (head of the Zionist Camp party) would be in a leadership position to deal with a crisis like this …

Published: February 11, 2018
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