Andrew Klavan Just Proved That Obama Doesn’t “Get” Islam

Yes, Obama actually stated that ISIL is not Islamic. In actuality, the only person who really cares seems to be Obama. ISIL or ISIS or IS has philosophic origins in Islam and claims to represent Islam.
Judaism, throughout it’s long history has experienced many groups that have claimed to be following Jewish tradition while in actuality departed from mainstream Judaic law. Yet, how bad did it get? They didn’t leave any fires going over the Sabbath? They did things improperly in the Temple? Certainly grave offenses for those who respect Jewish tradition. But, according to Obama, ISIS has “misinterpreted” Muslim tradition by promoting mass killings and beheadings and other atrocities. It seems that the “misinterpretations” come from the tradition itself. If Islam tradition did not contain underpinnings of violence and hatred to begin with, it would be hard for ISIS to do those things in the name of Islam.

Published: March 12, 2015
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