Angelina Jolie utterly humiliated Obama for the whole world to see

Below is an excerpt of Jolie’s address, this part dealing with some of her encounters with young rape victims.

During an appearance before the U.K.’s House of Lords, Hollywood actress and human rights advocate, Angelina Jolie spoke out about how Islamic State group militants use sexual violence as a means to perpetuate terrorism — and about how we need strong leadership (unlike that of President Barack Obama) to overcome this threat. Jolie’s excoriating speech laid bare just how anemic and pitiful Obama’s response to ISIS had been, and how ISIS is being allowed to build a society based on rape, violence, and of course Shariah law. Islamic militants are basically building a civilization not focused on growing food or educating children, but rather on kidnapping, enslaving and raping women, to perpetuate the endless cycle of terrorism, and Obama had allowed these barbaric radical Muslims to thrive still refusing to even name the enemy. (Excerpt from Conservative Tribune)

It emerged that ISIS had made made rape a central part of its religious doctrine – with members told that the Koran “condones and encourages” attacking women if they are not Muslims. Rape of women and girls has become a huge part of the culture of ISIS – with warehouses for holding victims, viewing rooms for inspections, and a fleet of buses for moving them around.

Published: August 5, 2017
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