Anti-Semitism is Taking Over College Campuses Across America

Are you or any relatives on the way to university? It’s good to be aware of what university students are experiencing throughout North America. Words like “Antifada” or “violent uprising” and phrases such as “from the Jordan to the sea Palestine will be free” is a guise which calls for the destruction of Israel.
Yes, Jewish students are intimidated on the college campuses. Some afraid to wear anything distinctly Jewish, some look over their shoulder to make sure noone is trying to attack them. And non-Jewish students are being bombarded by massive pro-Palestinian propaganda.
Could this really be happening in America?
This is an issue which we cannot ignore and cannot remain silent about. University students are the next generation of American citizens and voters. As long and as much as we are able, every one of us needs to fight this anti semitic pro-terrorist campaign to make sure that the United States remains a safe, decent and democratic country.

Published: October 3, 2014
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