Arabs Try to Provoke Clash at Maccabi Tel Aviv Celebration in Milan

Would this happen to fans of any other country? Israeli fans of Maccabi Tel Aviv cheering in the streets of Milan and being provoked by Palestinian extremists. In a stunning act of patriotism the fans broke out in an energetic rendition of “Hatikva” the Israeli national anthem. It seems that basketball may be apolitical but an Israeli team playing basketball is not.
The most stirring piece for me in this video is the patriotism and love of the Israeli fans for their country. To stand around a massive Israeli flag in the streets of Milan and sing for Israel. And the fact that it is in Italy, where so many Jews suffered at the hands of gentiles over the generations makes one feel the pride and the love and enthusiasm of Jews for their homeland. Which is entirely understandable. Basketball in Milan has been a real inspiration.

Published: May 19, 2014
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