As the U.N. ignores Jewish ties to the Temple Mount, this completely proves them wrong

The United Nations, via UNESCO, just made a horrific “decision” saying that the Temple Mount has no connection to the Jewish people, rather it’s a Muslim site! This is absolute blasphemy!

Well this video just silenced the United Nations!

First of all, who cares about what the lowly UNESCO decides, immoral, political lie by an international body will sever the connection between the Jewish people and our holy land of Israel, our holy cities of Jerusalem/Hebron etc, or our holy sites, including the Temple Mount!

We agree with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that something is changing for good on the international level with many European countries and African countries abstaining from this anti-Israel vote, that they used to automatically vote for! Yet, they only abstained, which still shows that we have our work cut out for us! If they had all voted against, the vote would not have passed!

And for a final positive note? Seeing how an anti-Israel decision about our holy site brings 99% of the Jewish people together in support of our holy site. Now if only everyone would start going up to and visit the Temple Mount instead of just visiting the Western Wall of the Temple Mount! That is the real Jewish answer to this insane, immoral, unjust decision!!!!

SO, who is joining us next time to go up to the Temple Mount?

Published: October 13, 2016
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