Baluch Muslim stands with Israel and wants the world to hear what he has to say

Balochistan is an area of Pakistan where the Baloch Muslims live. Ever since the area was occupied by the British, Baloch Muslims have yearned to have independence. Unfortunately, they never received independence. Instead they were included in the country of Pakistan. Still to this day they do what they can to earn independence, including military insurgency. Due to this situation they are persecuted by Pakistan.

Isn’t it odd that the world is silent about the plight of the people of Baloch and their fight or independence? They have their own unique identity, heritage and connection to their land, yet no independence? Yet at the same time, the world is extremely vocal for a people that did not exist before 1964, the “palestinians”. They are Arab Muslims, with no unique identity or heritage, yet the world is very adament that they deserve their own state, in land that historically belongs to the Jewish people. Food for thought.

Published: August 31, 2016
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