Be inspired by one girl’s challenging journey to calling Israel her home…

Life is a journey. This girl’s life journey includes moving to her homeland Israel. She does a wonderful job of including us with this wonderful video.

The Eyes of a Teenage Immigrant to Israel

This video shows a poetic look at our connection to Israel and her significance. Through the eyes of a teenage olah chadasha, new immigrant to the Land of Israel.

This video was the winner of the 2017 Israel Video Network Video Contest.  The contest is sponsored by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

This is an intensely personal video. It is a startlingly frank movie that clarifies what is so special about the State of Israel from the unique eyes of a teenager, a new immigrant returning to her homeland.

Israel – A Place to Call Their Own

She puts her feelings right out on the table.  But, she does it in such a palpable way that any viewer  basically connects to her journey to connect to the Land of Israel.  And connect she does.  She doesn’t merely feel connected to Israel.  She owns Israel.  In many ways, this sums up the emotions that so many people have when they are in their homeland.  It is not merely a sense of belonging.  But a sense that they have truly returned to their home.

This strong emotion overcomes many obstacles that so many immigrants – especially teenagers – grapple with.

This video is a work of art.

Published: September 3, 2017
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