Before Firing Mortars at Innocent Civilians, You May Want to Check if a Drone is Watching First

It may be sick to enjoy watching terrorists blow themselves up. But, it most certainly is a just punishment when a terrorist metes out his own punishment while attempting to send innocents to kingdom come.

The fantastic technological breakthroughs that drones have brought to the world are driving terrorists crazy.

In today’s climate, it is more important and wise to create a drone to fight terrorists than to stand bravely and fight against a terrorist in a pitched battle on their own turf.

The basic idea of knowing what works best when combating terror is that whatever the terrorists or their proponents complain about the most is the most effective method of combating them.

Terrorists hate drones – Use drones.

Terrorists complain about checkpoints. Build more checkpoints.

Who would not love to live a in a world free of terror and violence.

We simply are not close to that reality.

It is still time to stay on guard, fight with our brains and guns until the terror organizations are destroyed one after another into complete submission.

Published: July 9, 2017
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