Ben Shapiro explains perfectly why Americans should care about Israel

The Young America’s Foundation recently sponsored a speech by Ben Shapiro at the University of Connecticut. In the question and answer period at the end Ben Shapiro is asked about the importance of Israel and Judeo-Christian values to US foreign policy.

For some people, it is crystal clear. Yet other people are asking. This is one point that every American needs to know: Why should the USA support Israel? Ben Shapiro answers this question leaving no room for doubt. The United States has great potential to help other countries (like South Korea) and hence should use its abilities for good, instead of ignoring them. Supporting allies is critical for a better world. Furthermore, if alliances are not made, the USA could be attacked by enemies, like it was on Sept 11. The nature of being a powerful political player means forging alliances, otherwise enemy states could attack. What do you think would happen if the United States suddenly stopped all of its alliances around the world? Imagine the violence that would erupt. Thankfully, the USA is leading alliances and maintaining order.

Image by Gage Skidmore

We applaud Ben Shapiro as he continues to bring his conservative voice to College campuses. Unfortunately, his speaking engagements sometimes elicit crazy reactions from the University students and sometimes even from the University’s themselves. Upon hearing that Ben Shapiro was coming to speak, the University of Connecticut offered counseling for students upset at ‘Even the Thought of’ a Ben Shapiro speech.

But offering counseling was not enough, in an interview with Fox News Shapiro said the university limited attendance to those wearing a special wristband and a college identification card. He said there were another 600-700 members of the public who wanted to attend, but were turned away.

Believe it or not, as the National Review reports, this isn’t the first school to offer counseling to students on account of Shapiro’s speaking on campus; the University of California, Berkeley, did the same thing last fall. What’s more, in the spring of 2016, students at California State University, Los Angeles, set up a “healing” space to deal with the trauma of having Shapiro speak — even though the speech had occurred three months prior, and most of them hadn’t even gone to the speech.

Here is the full speech given by Ben Shapiro at the University:

Published: January 31, 2018
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