Bennett Brings Hamas Rocket to Fox News Interview

Naftali Bennet, MK and Minister of the Economy, Religious Services, Jerusalem, and Diaspora affairs is right “on target” so to speak as he addresses the American public on Fox news. Seeing is believing.

Living in Israel during these periods, makes you feel like you’ve landed on a different planet. Some kind of new reality. There you were, just a few weeks ago, planning your summer vactation (or your children’s summer vacation as you continue to go to work). Babysitters, trips to the pool, the beach. Shopping. Activities at home. Play dates. Arts and crafts. And suddenly – Boom! Literally. And then your life revolves around sirens and bomb shelters and how to get to the supermarket and back safely (depending on what area you live in).

Some people are more flexible. They can move from reality to reality. And some are a little more rigid. Making that “switch” is hard.

And then there are the kids. If you’re lucky, they have camp. But if their camp has no place to shelter them when missiles fall, then chances are that they’re home with you. And, children, as you know, ask many questions. Why are the sirens going off all the time? What’s a missile? Why are they shooting at us?
And the most important question “When will it stop?”

Published: July 13, 2014
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