Bibi Netanyahu Comes Out Swinging After John Kerry’s Off the Wall Speech

“Kerry was obsessed with settlements. He put more energy into Jerusalem and settlements than dealing with the real reason for the ongoing conflict – Palestinian rejection of recognising the Jewish state in any borders.

The Middle East is in flames, there is rampant terrorism, and for an hour the Secretary of State attacks the only democracy in the Middle East, the only place in the Middle East where Christians can celebrate Christmas safely and without fear.

I am sure that the shared values between the United States and Israel will outlast the Obama Administration. Kerry’s speech was as unbalanced as was the Security Council resolution.
Kerry has a skewed moral equation, speaking about Jerusalem and only paying lip service to a terrorism that has being inflicted against us for a century. Actually, he calls it incitement, anonymous incitement. He doesn’t say who is doing the inciting. The settlements are Israeli but he doesn’t name who is inciting terrorism.

Jews have been killed, had to flee to bomb shelters due to mistaken policies that have caused us great damage. Our hand has been extended to our neighbours since day one but thousands of us have paid the ultimate sacrifice. My family is one of them.
Obama once said that peace is hard work. It is attained not through statements or resolutions at the UN but through direct talks. Obama was right – up to last week!
Now the Western Wall is “occupied Palestine.” Boycotters have been encouraged. Direct negotiations are further away. The Palestinians have moved away from peace over and over again. Instead they cultivate a culture of hate against Israel.

I want Palestinian children to be educated to peace like our children, but they are not. They are taught to glorify terrorism, never to accept the existence of the Jewish State. This is the obstacle to peace. This conflict has always been about that.
That is why Abbas will not negotiate.
I regret that Kerry cannot see this simple truth.

The US should come out and say that it will not allow any anti-Israel resolutions in the UN and elsewhere.
I look forward to working with President Trump. I hope Obama will not bring any more damage against Israel in its waning days.”

Published: December 29, 2016
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