Bibi Netanyahu unloads on ‘barbaric’ Iranian regime

The leader of the battle to keep the world free is Benjamin Netanyahu. He understands better than anyone else today that Iran is the biggest threat to the world.

Iran does not just threaten its neighbors through its own arsenal of weapons. Iran also has proxies in neighboring countries.

Why is this concept so critical to understand?

Let’s look at a host of Israel’s neighbors.

The Northern Border of Israel

Lebanon – Israel’s neighbor on the North is basically not a truly independent country. It is largely dominated by the Hizbullah – who basically is funded and armed by Iran.

There are tens of thousands of missiles that are ready to be fired towards Israel from the Northern Border. But the Israeli Air Force and the rest of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) are prepared to bomb the living daylights out of Lebanon.

That keeps the North quiet – for now. But, at least every few years, there are minor or major conflagrations on the Northern border of Israel. All of this is due to direct Iranian influence.

The Southern Border of Israel

Israel has gone way beyond the level of reasonable as far as giving in to the so called “Palestinians.”

The Israeli government pulled out of strategically vital land that buffers between it and Egypt.  This is no small matter.  Egypt has started 3 wars against Israel and is not exactly a friendly neighbor today either.

Why did Israel do this?  Due to internal and external pressure.  The Israeli population is willing to go the extra mile to reach any form of a peaceful solution.  Secondly, there was much pressure exerted on Israel from the US and others.

What has Israel received in return?  Thousands of missiles raining down on its southern cities.

The weapons and the money be




Published: February 13, 2018
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