Biblical Prophecy is Happening Today! See it for Yourselves!

Is Biblical Prophecy coming true today?

This interpretation of the verse from Isaiah 11 “..for the knowlege of God will cover the earth as the water covers the sea,” is innovative and at the same time truly profound. We tend to see our technological world as being superficial, many “friends” on facebook are only virtual, many things that are spread over the net may present a one-sided, distorted view of reality. Pictures and facts can be glossed over and misrepresented. We have been exposed to a vast amount of knowledge and ideas, some of which are distorted and being used to influence our world outlook.

Simultaneously, there is a deeper, concealed reason for the widespread surge of technological media we are experiencing today. Our era is one of incredible access to knowledge and the ability to connect with people and ideas all over the globe. Within this superficial network lies depth. Just as the sea is deep and conceals a world that cannot be seen, so our technological world merely cloaks the deeper truths of our existence. Thus the metaphor of the sea is so appropriate and so true.

A video which is truly food for thought.

Plant Trees in Israel

Published: October 4, 2017
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