Bill Maher just DESTROYED those who criticize Israel, and it was AWESOME!

As the singer Matisyahu sang from Psalm 137, “Jerusalem if I forget you, let my right hand forget what it’s supposed to do.”

And this is what Jews have been reciting for thousands of years. The Jewish People have never stopped thinking about Jerusalem.

And Bill Maher somewhat understands that.

Bill Maher went against the tide and defended Israel and her capital Jerusalem.

He mentioned that Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for years and that the Jewish People fought for it and won.

Jerusalem was the capital of Israel long before the “Palestinians” even existed. Jerusalem is mentioned early on in the Bible and was made capital of Israel by King David THOUSANDS of years ago. Forget about a few decades! The Temple once stood there and will stand there once again.

So what is all this talk about? Why does the world side with the “Palestinians” who have no historical, biblical, or political right to the Jewish capital? Some questions have no good answers.

Maher’s comments address the same issue. He refutes the concept that declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will make the two-state solution “impossible.” He responds, “But it’s always they’re making the two-state solution impossible…the essential thing that is making the two-state solution impossible is that one party is perpetually hostile.”

Does the world not realize that yet? Bill Maher points out that the reasons for the checkpoints and all the security measures Israel takes is as a result of the “Palestinian” hostility. He says, “They put up those checkpoints because there was an intifada, and they were having bombings everyday. A pizza parlor or a bus stop was getting blown up. That’s why they built it.” He then goes on to point out that Israel gave Gaza to the PA, who invited in Hamas, and Hamas used the funds to build tunnels.

But the facts don’t matter to those who don’t care.

And so Israel will just continue to know what they have always known – Jerusalem is the capital, and that’s not changing.

Published: February 8, 2018
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