Bill Maher’s 8 Rock Solid Points in Defense of Israel

Who’s fault is it really? asks Bill Maher on Real Time. Another panelist, Jane Harmen quoted Charles’ Krauthammer as saying that Israel uses missiles to protect its citizens while the Palestinians are using citizens to protect their missiles.
The winning line goes to Bill Maher who said “I think Israel’s main problem is not Hamas, I think it’s world opinion.”
Many find this line of thinking quite solid. Tune in and see what you think…

Some interesting points to ponder:
1. The Arab Palestinians do not have the moral high ground.
2. The death of innocents in Gaza is their fault for firing rockets at Israel in the first place.
3. Hamas would kill all Israelis if they could, but even though Israel does have that ability, they do not.
4. Israel must win every single military conflict in order to survive.
5. The Israeli focus on science technology vastly exceeds that of the Arab world.
6. Israelis are right to consider threats to their lives as more important than world opinion.
7. The Palestinians seem to have chose to be angry refugees as a way of life.
8. Israel isn’t going anywhere and the rest of the world needs to face up to that fact.

Published: July 19, 2014
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