Breathtaking Jewish wedding song will bring tears to your eyes

I wait here, at the Chupah
On our wedding night
With my parents standing firmly by my side

My heart is racing, this is the moment
I am no longer alone
Our future starts as the hall doors open wide

Through the light you do appear, my prayers answered loud and clear
For a soulmate filled with beauty, charm and grace

That together we may build, a home of peace and love fulfilled
Behind that veil, I can see it on your face

When we stand next to each other, and I hand you that golden ring
Just know that I’ve waited all my life

We were destined from on high
And every single day I’ll try
To be worthy of calling you my wife

As I approach you under the chupah
In my long white gown
Walking slowly, my parents at my side

Lips are moving, silent prayers
For all our hopes and dreams
Sending blessings, our future is open wide

I see you standing there, my dear chassan you appear
As an angel sent to guide me on my way

To build a family, cause you’re the only one for me
I will feel it more and more each day

Walking seven times around you, with circles that form a chain
Joining us forever in this life

I will thank the One Above
I have found the one I love
I am truly blessed to call myself your wife

Now together we’re united, our journey has just begun
May our love grow and stand the test of time

Our souls were meant to be
A two part harmony
May this magic last the rest of our lives

We stand here at the chupah
Of our youngest child
As we hold her and walk her down the aisle

It’s been a journey I would do over
With you by my side
We glance at each other
And we smile

Published: January 25, 2017
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