Brigitte Gabriel’s Urgent Election Message

How important is this election?

As she always does, Brigitte makes it razor-sharp clear.

You won’t see this on any mainstream media outlet.

As a woman, which candidate is more pro-women or anti-women.

Brigitte’s unique angle brings up a very scary point about what has happened to European women due to open immigration policies.

Is Europe a preview of what is coming to America if Hillary is elected?

Some analysts have claimed that in this election, it is a choice between bad and evil. That is a very scary choice.

It would seem that one way or another, it is preferable to choose the candidate that one believes will do more positive and less negative than the other candidate.

Staying home is probably the least positive option of all.

Even though, 4 of the last 5 presidents have served 2 terms, this by no means indicates that the next president will be a 2-term president.

My hunch is that the upcoming president will be a scandal-filled presidency that will only last 1 term. The way things are looking now, the next president may not even want or be able to seek reelection to a second term.

If so, the question then becomes which one of the 2 candidates will bring a more positive impact to the United States and the world in the upcoming 4 years.

Brigitte knows what she thinks.

Published: April 20, 2017
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