British Orthodox Jewish performer visited Israel and made this awesome music video

Translation of Lyrics:
Sometimes it’s hard and I need comfort,
The fear spreads, filling the soul,
It’s not easy to deal with,
And it looks like there is no way out,
I’m looking for a shoulder to lean on.

Suddenly there is a gust of hope,
(A nation of brothers)
I have the power of a nation within me,
From my brothers comes my strength,
(We are all responsible)
Holding their hands and singing:

The people of Israel lives!
I put up both my hands,
Look ahead – enough with the despair!
We are all brothers and I’m with you for sure.
The people of Israel lives!

In the news we are hearing threats,
Israel’s a small country, surrounded by enemies,
Many people are without a livelihood,
But what will tomorrow bring?
I’m feeling lost and alone.

Suddenly there is a gust of hope…
The people of Israel lives…

Published: October 13, 2016
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