CAUGHT ON FILM – IDF Shoots Armed Arab Terrorist At Security Checkpoint

Despite a caution shot in the air, and a warning shot at his feet, he still ran at them with a knife – watch the IDF stop him!

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Arab Child Runs Towards IDF Soldier… What He Does Next Will Shock You.

There is so much going on besides the conflict that the media will never show you.

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The IDF Just Uncovered A HUGE Underground Gun Factory Run By Radical Islams!!!

Thanks to the IDF, these weapons were destroyed before they could be used to attack Israelis or Americans.

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The time has come to let IDF soldiers fight back!

Only four days after Sergeant Azaria’s conviction, IDF soldiers hesitate shooting terrorist…

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This is the Real Reason Why Egypt and Jordan Gave up Fighting Israel

In our neighborhood, strength (and God’s help) is everything.

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