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IDF Pounds Hamas Overnight

According to the IDF spokesman’s office, Israeli forces target more than 70 sites in the Gaza Strip overnight Monday-Tuesday.

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Morale Is High

how Israel treats IDF

See With Your Own Eyes How The Israeli Public Treats The IDF

This is unbelievable! Everything you see here was donated to the IDF to help keep their spirits up as the treacherously go door

Iron Dome

How Israel Saves Lives


What A Week Let’s Hope It Ends Soon!


You Won’t Believe Where the IDF Found a Hamas Tunnel!

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Hamas Terrorists Fire Rockets at Israel From Inside Hospital, Watch What Happens Next

happy idf

These Soldiers Fight For Freedom All Day Long And They Finally Came Out With A Statement

These soldiers are consistently targeted by terrorists holding babies & witness other horrendous sights in Gaza. It is important that they can come

15 seconds - red

The most powerful 2 minute Video of the Terror Tunnels in Gaza!

It is unfathomable that this can exist in any normal country! Terror Tunnels under Kindergartens is


IDF Soldiers on the Israeli Border say THANK YOU!

Special Thanks to The Elwood Talmud Torah Congregation in Melbourne, Australia for their donations! Click here to donate and help our brave IDF soldiers:

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Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.48.02 PM
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