Saturday 19 April 2014

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Iran is Preparing to Annihilate Israel

Iran’s sick dream? If you know Arabic you can really hear all the gory detail. If not it’s horrifying enough. What modern-day country creates videos about how they will destroy another nation? .

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I have had Some bad Traveling Experiences, But NEVER THIS Bad!


If You Really Think Israel can Trust Obama Then you Better Watch This

"The chips are down," says Baraq Obama, "I have Israel's back." What does that mean? Hear some winning lines from the US

iran weapons

I got bored after the 1,000th weapon… What about you?

) This something you gotta see with your own eyes... Iran wanted all of these things to be unloaded onto innocent civilians... innocent


This is the Enemy We are up Against

Warning: Video footage below may be graphic. Viewer discretion is advised. Israel may be an island of sanity in a crazy Middle East.

iran's power scary

Do you have ANY idea how much power this gives IRAN?!!!!!

This is scary. We must write to the President and END this


While you dream of a PEACEFUL IRAN, They dream of THIS:

A country that is PEACEFUL should not be dreaming up ways to NUKE Israel.

Iran's Flight

OMG! Israeli Passenger Grounded Behind Enemy Lines!

What would YOU do in his shoes?! Scary!

President Obama Takes Questions From The Press During News Conference

Watch This and Then Tell Me How we Can Trust One Word He Says About Iran

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 4.34.08 PM

PM Netanyahu Speaks Directly to The Persian People

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