Tuesday 30 September 2014

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If You Really Think Israel can Trust Obama Then you Better Watch This

The stakes are too high for empty promises.

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This is The Reason Israel Will Attack Iran SOON

How is it possible to reamain sane in an insane world? Israel knows what the rest of the Western world is afraid

Hannity - 9-11 - red

Sean Hannity’s Terrifying Warning About Another ’9/11 or Far Worse’ on U.S. Soil

Your browser does not support iframes. Oh my Gosh - something really does need to


Iran is Preparing to Annihilate Israel

Iran's sick dream? If you know Arabic you can really hear all the gory detail. If not it's horrifying enough. What


This May Very Well be the End of America as we Know it


President Obama has an Opportunity to Stop it. But he is Failing Miserably.


Netanyahu Has a Message For the American People that Obama has Been Completely Ignoring

What are you waiting for? Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressing the Iranian threat and the need for strong American


The Most Important Video About Iran You Will Ever See

It's almost comical that this message needs to be spelled out. We wouldn't want Iran to have nuclear weapons because - "they


Israel, Hamas Conflict: A Proxy War for the Entire Middle East

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com


In case Anyone Still Thinks the Two-State Solution is a Good idea…

September 29, 2014This heckler had no idea what he was getting in to....
September 23, 2014Prime Minister Netanyahu offered her a job immediately after seeing this!
September 23, 2014This is the radical Islam the world is up against. Israel is on the front lines.
This is What the Muslims Want!
September 19, 2014Why do you think they are populating Paris, London and other Western cities?

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