The Jihadi threat is closer than you think

Political Correctness is a disease that is going to take a long time to cure…

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Muslim Woman Courageously Addresses Topic of Radical Islam

She has more guts than many world leaders. Political Correctness can’t stop her!

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mass imigration

Mass Immigration With Zero Integration In Belgium

Lauren Southern needed security to walk the streets of Belgium.

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Two REAL reasons the West accepts so many migrants

What’s really behind open borders trend in Europe….

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FBI Director James Comey just issued the most frightening warning yet

Do you really know what Hillary’s open border plan will do to America?

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4 children beheaded

4 Christian Children Beheaded In Iraq

Christian’s being persecuted for standing up for their beliefs.

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The blueprint to radicalize and brainwash America’s kids has been revealed

Muslim leaders using “The Boston Blueprint” in communities all across the country.

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Here’s the cold hard truth about refugees the media won’t tell you

Brigitte Gabriel just delivered a wake up call heard around the world.

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Radical Messages: Understanding the Rising Wave of Islamist Terror

Boko Haram, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas. What do these groups have in common? And what do they ALL want to achieve? It’s not what you think…

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How to destroy those who call you an “Islamaphobe” for speaking your mind

After documentary about violent muslim opinions goes viral, Raheel Raza speaks out.

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