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SOAS – School of Anti-Semitism SHOCKING REPORT!!!

JTV went to interview students at the SOAS University in London for the so-called “Israel Apartheid Week”. Find out what they said…

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This Happened In CANADA! What’s Next?

They went to show their support from Israel but haters will be haters.

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This Christian Leader Just Smashed BDS To Smithereens!

The real reason why there is no peace in the Middle East

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Avi Totally Destroys Pro-Palestinian ‘Expert’ On Live TV

I love it when pro-palestinians are finally faced with the truth

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The Most Fascinating Speech Ever Made By A Christian Priest About Israel

Don’t judge all people by a few idiots. With this great man, anything is possible.

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Pat Condell Just DESTROYED Every Palestinian Lie!

The harsh truth most people choose to ignore. Will you?

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UN Israel Resolution Debate: Col. Richard Kemp vs Tal Ofer

J-TV hosts a debate on the UN Resolution condemning Israel’s settlements and occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

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The Day Dennis Prager Silenced Oxford

He knocked those ignorant academics right off their feet!

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Now Is The Time To Defend Israel! This Is How You Can Help.

It’s time we changed the Israel conversation. Join the campaign here: https://igg.me/at/Lvnu2PR-KBA

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Trump, Israel and the Media’s Epic Fail

Even veteran journalists are starting to wake up to the ridiculous media bias

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WOW! Oprah Just Discovered Black Hasidic Jews!

“Have you ever had a problem being an African American Hasidic Jewish person?”

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