The Dead Sea is so beautiful you won’t believe your eyes

Nir Hoffman’s unbelievable drone videography of the lowest place on Earth will take your breath away.

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The 22 best dishes in Tel Aviv in just one minute

From chic street food to gourmet elite restaurants, Tel-Aviv is a city that celebrates food.

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5 Places you MUST Visit in Israel

You have to see these places on your next trip.

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When IDF Officer Was Faced With His Greatest Test Ever, He Knew Just What To Do

Eran was born severely disabled and unable to speak. So, his father Doron became his voice. The former IDF Major General has built a unique, utopian village for the disabled community in the heart of Israel’s desert.

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Psagot Winery – thousands of years of winemaking in every bottle

WOW!! Look at this history of the Land of Israel, EVEN in vineyards!!

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Here’s what Israelis do for fun!

There are endless ways to have fun in Israel, but these are some of our favorite!

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Check Out One Of The Most Beautiful Places In Israel!

You’ll feel more relaxed even after just watching this.

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Experience Israel by drone

From mighty walls to lush greenery to the magnificent desert.

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If you Ever Wondered Why God Chose This Land as His Own Then You Better Watch This

After it began to snow in Jerusalem, what happened to the Dead Sea will take your breath away.

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