Friday 19 September 2014

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Anne Frank – The Whole Story

Anne Frank – The Whole Story

What a touching and important movie!

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The Greatest Mistake in Israeli History! See What Happened to Jewish Gaza!

They simultaneously struggled to keep their homes, and win their basketball tournament, until the very end! DON'T MISS THIS MUST SEE MOVIE!

sderot 6 lives

They Have Experienced 14 Years of Rocket Attacks! 14 Years!

Click here for the full 17 minute movie. Produced by the Sderot Media Center. They have continuously brought the story of Sderot to

sderot 6 lives

These are True Heroes of Israel! Living through 14 Years of Rocket Attacks

Produced by the Sderot Media Center. They have continuously brought the story of Sderot to the world. Please click here to donate to

home game

Home Game Movie

Click Here to watch the movie trailer.


Jihadi workplace accident explosive belt detonates at a party

Can you say "karma"? That video was very interesting... Did they have it

les miserabbis


The most unique look at Jewish Prayer I have ever

youth eichmann trial witnesses

Youth at Risk Meet Eichmann Trial Witnesses and This is What Happened!

What an unbelievable story! This is just the trailer. Click here to watch the full movie. What an unbelievable story! This is

eichmann trial

“The Strength to Tell” – (Full Movie)

richie boys

What a Movie! Trailer “The Richie Boys”

September 19, 2014He is armed and dangerous and should be approached with caution
September 17, 2014American and Britain, you better watch out.
September 17, 2014ISIS's response to President Obama's warnings came in the form of a Hollywood caliber movie trailer.
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 12.00.36 PM
September 16, 2014I have heard people say that Israeli weddings are a lot of fun, but this takes it to a whole new level!
September 15, 2014We won't wait until it is too late.
September 14, 2014Serious food for thought.

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