i24 settlement law

Blasting the Lies and Mistruths of Peace Now against Israel!

Getting the truth out there about the “settlements” and international law!

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amona play

Amona! Get the Facts the Media is NOT Telling You!

Totally unjust and immoral, in the name of the “law”! Find out why, now!

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This “Illegal” Settler’s Speech Shocked the World!

From the grave, his speech still stands today! Share this important video on the Horribly anti-semitic UNSC Resolution 2334!

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The story of Jerusalem that is not being told

You are about to hear from a man that has lived and breathed Jerusalem for many years…

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The Secrets of the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron

Visit the birthplace of monotheism and the roots of Israel and the Jewish people.

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Can the vision of the Prophets be built in the heartland of Israel?

The Land of Israel Team is building a window into the Messianic era that may change the world forever!

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